Update – Reader Tip: DIY Hop Screen


Thanks to HBF Reader Scott for this tip and picture!

From Scott: After looking at more expensive versions I made some of my own with window screen as a test. They worked but tended to collapse and were difficult to clean.  Then I found this on Amazon.  After working a hole in it large enough to push the drain tube through bingo. It’s stiff, large enough around that it won’t clog easily and it comes apart for cleaning.  Here is a photo of it installed in a 10 gal. kettle…


Jumbo Stainless Steel Locking Spice Mesh Ball, Tea Strainer, Tea Infuser, Giant Size 5.5 Inch Diameter

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3 thoughts on “Update – Reader Tip: DIY Hop Screen

  1. Noiz Boy

    That might work. I recirculate during chilling and that added time is I think a culprit. But I will keep playing with it. I may get some more and use them to do additions. Kind of like those SS hop tubes. It would be useful for some of the spices and citrus rind I add to some brews.
    I will be doing a BIG IPA in another week so I’ll give that a try.

  2. Noiz Boy

    Since I originally sent this in I thought I should post an update. This thing worked great for whole hops and pretty well with a not too heavily hoped (pellets) Pale ale. And might even work well with a lot of pellets in a BIG IPA with a gravity feed, with a pump in the picture, not so well.
    I use a chugger pump and it had enough draw to solidly pack the hops on the screen and create enough of a vacuum to collapse the screen. So the “perfect solution” search continues. For now I use the screen with whole hops and am just using a tube for pellets.

    I do spray the wort through some fine micron bucket screens so I am filtering any hop debris that comes through anyway. The screens are from US plastics and fit in five gallon buckets (ale Pails are the same diameter so they work for them also). Filters the word and aerates at the same time ;~)


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