SYNEK Draft System Kickstarter Launched

The SYNEK Draft System is a complete countertop draft beer system.

The system uses a cartridges to hold beer, both commercial and homebrew.  The cartridges hold 128 ounces or the equivalent of two standard growlers.  These are a patent pending, flexible and multi layered design.  These are designed from the ground up to hold pressure and keep out oxygen.  The Kickstarter Page shows a picture of a car parked on top of an inflated bag.  They ship flat and are sanitized and ready to be filled.

The built in refrigeration system includes a digital thermostat, CO2 pressure system and an adjustable pressure regulator to manage carbonation.  The system will take up about as much countertop space as a standard size toaster oven.  You’ll also get a filling adapter and drip tray.

I had a chance to view the prototype at NHC in Grand Rapids, MI a couple of weeks ago.  It is a sharp looking unit.  Chatting with the guys behind it, the Kickstarter price is very close to their estimation of production cost.

Check out the SYNEK Draft System Kickstarter Page for complete details, additional photos, rewards and Specifications.

This Kickstarter has ended.  See up to date great deals below.

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Standard Kickstarter caveats apply.  You are investing in a prospective product that may be in the pre-release stages of development.  Risks are involved as your reward may not be fulfilled.

6 thoughts on “SYNEK Draft System Kickstarter Launched

  1. Anonymous

    Well it’s a cool little appliance concept, maybe a smidge overpriced for what it does but hey toys cost money right?
    Biggest problem I see as it stands is the consumables cost – their bags are estimated at 3 bucks apiece without a volume discount and reuse is “not recommended” – so 15 bucks to package a homebrew batch? Not really feasible. Adding 3 bucks to the effective cost to fill two growlers? Eh, that stings a little. Get that price down to a buck a bag (or buck per use at least) and maybe.
    At least they’re recyclable. But a properly reusable container would go long ways to making it attractive to homebrewers.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a dumb idea, and the fact that it gets as much press as it does indicates to me the “greater fool” theory is not really a theory any more.

    1. Anonymous

      I would like to attempt to understand why this is a “dumb idea”! I would like to see it in action but if it works as advertised I think it would be perfect for a lot of smaller brewers like myself that can’t afford a huge kegging system, doesn’t have tons of space, and would prefer to get away from bottles.

  3. Anonymous

    I can only see this product being beneficial to homebrewers that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a keg setup. WIth all the crazy individual state laws and federal laws, I can not see how this would make it easier and cheaper for craft breweries,

    1. Chris Brewer

      I wondered about that too. Found the answer in the FAQ. Seems like it will be very flexible… “One of three options: 1) 12oz refillable tank, 2) disposable 12g “bullets”, 3) an option to connect your current large CO2 tank (an already existing line in your own home, perhaps to a current kegerator). We have found that our international friends prefer the one-time use cylinders.”


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