Hands On Review: DrinkTanks Growler and Keg Cap

The DrinkTanks Growler is a Stainless, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growler.  It has an optional Keg Cap that converts the growler into a mini draft keg.  It’s also available in a larger gallon size.  Multiple color options are available.

The Drink Tanks Growler is…. Assembled in Bend, Oregon.

Back side of the product tag contains contact information for Drink Tanks in addition to some information about the growler – 64 Oz (1.9L), 18/8 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, BPA Free and Lifetime Warranty.

The Drink Tanks Growler

A look inside

A close up on the handle.  It feels nice and sturdy.

The standard cap installed on the growler.  Both caps have an o-ring and a double bail locking system.  Remember to engage both bails.  I have forgotten the side that stays on the cap and that doesn’t make for a great seal. :).  When both bails are engaged the cap has a very solid seal.

Inside of the standard cap.  Notice the installed o-ring.

 You do get an extra o-ring.  I’m not sure if that comes standard of if it’s part of the Keg Cap option.

The front of the growler

Here is the optional Keg Cap.  You get a carrying bag, two CO2 cartridges, an adapter, tubing and a faucet.

The inside of the Keg Cap.  You can see both the CO2 inlet and the pressure relief valve.  The PRV is set to release at 10 PSI.

The Keg Cap installed.

Prior to installing the Keg Cap, you’re supposed to pour one glass of beer.  Next remove the standard cap and install the Keg Cap.  Finally give the growler a charge of CO2.  The PRV lets off CO2 at 10 PSI.  The instructions also say that you “You don’t need much CO2”.  I find that especially true as the growler gets down to the last pint or two.  If you need more CO2 at this point, just give it a light tap, don’t go until the PRV starts letting out CO2.  I’ve had foaming problems when doing that.  Towards the end… a light tap of CO2 is enough.

Here is Drink Tanks video on installing and using the Keg Cap

The system does a good job of picking up most, nearly all, of the beer in the growler.  The picture shows what was left after dispensing this particular growler of beer.

The included instructions (click to enlarge)

I’ve wanted this growler for a long time, since it was in the Kickstarter stage.  I’m glad to finally own one.  It is well built and has a great set of features.  The double wall insulation means beer stays cold for longer and the personal draft keg option is very cool.

DrinkTanks Growler – Enjoy beer exactly as it was intended. Cold. Fresh. Carbonated. – 64oz Capacity

DrinkTanks Keg Cap Accessory Kit

Drink Tanks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler, 128 oz

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3 thoughts on “Hands On Review: DrinkTanks Growler and Keg Cap

  1. Mike G

    I have 2 of these growlers. Haven’t used in a while because I was in need of the CO2 cartridges which is a 16g cartridge used for bikes and can be found on amazon for a slight discount if bought in bulk.

    I am in need of replacement tubing. If you let the tubing sit in the beer to long it will stain. Also if you don’t clean it out well it will stain. I am having incredible difficulty trying to find the correct size. It is 5/16″ O.D. with I believe a 1/4″ I.D., needs to be flexible, stuff at home depot is not. Homebrew stores did not have this size for some reason…

    If anyone has ran into this problem and solved, please help…

  2. abeerdude

    A guy in our home-brew club did a temp test. He set the growler full of beer out in the sun and it only lost about one degree per hour. I haven’t tested it myself but that sounds pretty amazing

  3. Anonymous

    @Anonymous, the features of being insulated, carbonated, and portable are the utility values here. Of which, my corny does not offer any of these features without a wheel barrow and a bunch of ice to seat it in.


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