Case of (12) 375mL Belgian Bottles – $13.95

Belgian Style Beer Bottles – Cappable (375mL) 12 Per Case B335 – $16.95 $13.95 + Shipping

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3 thoughts on “Case of (12) 375mL Belgian Bottles – $13.95

  1. Anonymous

    It would be nice to see the shipping information in your blog titles, because I scan titles via Feedly. A lot of times, shipping will negate a “deal.” Any chance you could add shipping prices to your titles?

    1. Chris Brewer

      Generally speaking, you can get an idea of shipping from a title if 1. Shipping is free or 2. Shipping is a flat rate. Other than those two cases, you can generally assume that 1. A free shipping offer may be available (free ship with $x order) or 2. Shipping is an additional charge. In this case, it’s calculated shipping. I can’t tell what shipping will be for anyone but myself. This is a deal in the sense that save $3 or 18%. From a broader point of view, we have readers right around More Beer. They may order it online and pick it up in store for free. I also pointed out an alternate offer that gets heavy glass items shipped to your door gratis.


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