Reader Tip: Digital Water Quality Tester

HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester.  0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy.  Use to measure total dissolved solids in water.

I have this meter and it works great.  I use it in coordination with my RO filter [Review – some pictures of this meter are in that review] to test filter effectiveness.

Using RO (Reverse Osmosis) or DI (Distilled) Water allows you to build your water profile from the ground up, creating exactly the profile you’re looking for.  If you filter you own water a TDS is handy.  If you purchase RO or DI water from the store (instead of getting a filter), I would still suggest picking up a TDS meter.  Some water processors add minerals back for flavor.  A TDS meter will allow you to make sure you’re getting what you want.

HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy

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One thought on “Reader Tip: Digital Water Quality Tester

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think this item will do what you want it to do. This is a TDS tester, which basically tests how salty the water is, nothing more. If you’re using a home RO unit, this would tell you when it’s time to replace the membranes, but for ordinary filtration, the TDS won’t change significantly and this unit will be useless. Also, this unit is not temperature compensated (calibrated at 77°F according to its description) so if you measure at a temp other than 77, the TDS reading will be off (by more the further you get from 77).


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