BrewCrate: New 5 Gallon Kits and 1 Gallon Kit Price Reduction

from BrewCrate:
BrewCrate, the subscription homebrew service offering two new all -grain recipes each month, is now selling 5 gallon versions of their kits. They offer an equipment kit tailored to the recipes that comes with everything you need to make up to 50 bottles of great beer. Also offered is a 7.5 gallon stainless steel pot, which perfectly accommodates the brew-in-a-bag method used in their recipes.


Plus, the 1 gallon subscription has been reduced in price. Now a monthly kit is just $21, a 15% reduction. No more signing up for 3 months just to lock in a cheaper plan!

So have at it, the grain’s a’waiting.

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5 thoughts on “BrewCrate: New 5 Gallon Kits and 1 Gallon Kit Price Reduction

  1. KYT

    I get the small kits from them and actually like it. Something different every month, shipped right to my door, I don’t have to plan out a recipe and spend 2 hours at the LHBS weighing and grinding grain (and yapping of course). The grain is already weighed out and in a bag, they include 2 bags of 1-Step, 12 bottle caps, a pack of yeast, and a booklet with step by step instructions. Last month they sent me a California Common, which I probably wouldn’t have ever made on my own accord. Last night I made a Scotch Ale, which I had been considering making anyway. Generally, I don’t use most of the instructions as I’ve been making all-grain beer on my own for a while, but I look them over to see mash temps, hop schedule, and if there’s anything special needed. And I add things not on the list, like Irish Moss and yeast nutrient, in addition to rehydrating the yeast.
    Everything is really setup for the first time, or beginner level, brewer. It doesn’t ask for gravity readings, and it’s no-sparge mashing, and simple hop additions. Sure yea it costs more than more experienced people could do the same thing for, but it’s not so much for you, unless you like the variety, like I do.
    I say, give it shot before you complain about it.

    1. Anonymous

      You can get plenty of variety without wasting your money. But it is YOUR money, so go ahead. Variety or not (which doesn’t make much sense since you get less variety with them because they send you whatever THEY want you to brew) it’s still a giant rip-off.

      As I read the post again, sure sounds like a Brew Crate shill … Whatever. I hope you can find people wanting to pay double for not having the stress of choosing what they want to brew/drink.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a “sponsored link” if you see the word “sponsored” on this site, keep looking because rarely are these anything but a crapo deal.

  3. Anonymous

    Holy $HIT. $50/month for 1 all-grain kit? I quickly priced the cost of the ingredients from Midwest Supplies for “Al’s Amber Ale” — the first one listed on the BrewCrate site — and came up with just over $22.


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