49 Quart Stainless Kettle – $59.62 Shipped

49 Quart Stainless Steel Kettle and Lid for $29.99.  Shipping is $29.63.  That figures to $59.62 Shipped.  Check it out – Here.  The seller has a variety of sizes available.  EDIT: See comment below… shipping varies.

This is a budget kettle.

If you’re looking for heavy duty options consider: Here, Here or Here

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2 thoughts on “49 Quart Stainless Kettle – $59.62 Shipped

  1. Anonymous

    These pots are pretty primitive. Don’t expect much. I sold all the ones I got. This is when they were $100 for 3 huge pots. Ended up making good money on the sales to Craigslist fools, but I was glad to get ride of them.


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