10 Gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker Raffle! + Blichmann Shopping Tip

Adventures in Homebrewing is raffling off a 10 Gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettle for charity.

Check out the details – including information on the charity that proceeds will go to – Here

I have two 10 Gallon Blichmann BoilMakers and… I love them.  Initially I replaced my boil kettle with one of these puppies and used my old 10 gallon kettle (heavy duty, stainless steel and still perfectly fine) as an HLT.  Within a couple of months I replaced it again with another one of these beauties.

Shopping Tip:
It’s my understanding that retailers cannot discount Blichmann items.  Prices on these items are pretty well standard.  Shipping is not.   Adventures in Homebrewing offers free shipping on Boilermaker Kettles, Fermenators Conical Fermenters, TopTier Stands and more and offers the equivalent of 5% back through their rewards program.  All of this makes AIH one of the best places to buy Blichmann gear.

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2 thoughts on “10 Gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker Raffle! + Blichmann Shopping Tip

  1. Scott Moody

    Another tip, right now, Blichmann has “cosmetic defect” units available at a discount. I was able to get a 20 gallon kettle for $382.74, SHIPPED that’s $57.25 off. If you are building an electric brewery and need 3 of these behemoths, buy the first one and some other needs to get to $400 and you get a $20 credit. That comes to $20 + $57.25 = $77.25 off! Now, with the false bottom on the second kettle, you have another $20 credit, rinse, repeat. you have just knocked $211.75 off your Kal clone brewery’s infrastructure. Just make sure to use the options on the dropdowns to select the discounted dinged kettle and when getting the false bottom, add it from the dropdown or you won’t get free shipping.

  2. Pauric

    Just an fyi, the “charity” looks like it’s a front for the Susan Komen foundation. Some people might have a problem with that.


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