Tygon NSF Certified, High Temp Tubing, 25 Ft


FDA and NSF certified high temp tubing (-40 deg F – 250 deg F).

Full specs and details

Translucent Tygon Tygoprene Tubing, 1/2″ ID, 3/4″ OD, 1/8″ Wall, 25′ Length

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6 thoughts on “Tygon NSF Certified, High Temp Tubing, 25 Ft

  1. Luke Hagenbach

    Does anyone have information on an advantage that Tygon would have over silicone, which is cheaper than Tygon at the regular price?

    1. douglasbarbin

      Tygon is supposedly softer and more flexible (which might be a bad thing in this case because it can kink). It can handle slightly higher PSI (15 vs ~10) but this isn’t likely to be an issue with most pumps. I have also heard claims that it is easier to see through, but I have my doubts based on the pictures provided.

      Silicone can handle higher temperatures, so it is easier to sterilize. I’d go with silicone at the current price.


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