Russian River Consecration Recipe Kits are Back in Stock!

More Beer’s Russian River Consecration Kits are very popular.  In fact, they can have a hard time keeping them in stock.  

The last time I have these kits down as being available was back in December of last year and… they sold out in about 12 hours.  If you’ve been waiting for this kit to show back up… I’d suggest hopping on this.

The milled all grain and extract versions are available as of this posting.

More Beer teamed up directly with Vinnie Cilurzo to put together this kit

Check them out – Here

A note on Consecration:  I’m not big on picking favorites.  I think there are far too many good things to pick favorites on most things.  Having said that, if I were going to write down a list of my favorite beers, Consecration would certainly be towards the top.  This is an amazing beer.

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