20 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer


20 gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer.

20 Gal Heavy Duty Beer Brewing Kettle w/ Valve & Thermometer (Weldless Ports) Bargain Home Brew 

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6 thoughts on “20 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer

  1. Anonymous

    I received this exact kettle from Amazon, fulfilled by Bargain Homebrew, for $150 prime shipped. No brainer. Everything received in excellent condition. Double boxes, styrofoam for protection, weldless stuff in a little bubble wrap bag ,etc. Pot was in excellent shape out of the box. Very beefy feeling. Two big issues for me:

    1.) Welded ‘tri-clad’ bottom. You can see that the bottom is welded onto this pot, unlike a real Update International or other induction-ready stock pot (which I ended up purchasing by the way). Where the weld was made on the inside there was some pretty significant pitting. I took several pictures down inside the pot, because I couldn’t get in there real well to see it, and the pitting was very obvious and worse than what I could see just by looking down into it.

    2.) The pot is actually only 18.25 gallons, not 20 as advertised. Measured very accurately, the usable volume (being up to the flare out at the top edge, is 18.25 gal. Not great because I was going from my 15.5 gal keg kettle to this to upgrade volume, only to find this was only halfway there for me.

    Sent it back to Amazon for a full refund. Ordered the Update International pot (with a great deal of $146 shipped, still on sale, hint!). Received that last week and it is in a whole other league from this pot. Way heavier, different dimensions (this pot is 20.6 gal), and the bottom is not welded on from the inside. One solid piece of SS on the inside, no weld lines. Doesn’t have the weldless fittings, but found a local shop to weld on three 1/2″ couplers for $50 so almost cheaper than going weldless anyway.

  2. MayorOfBrowntown

    I bought this Wednesday night and received it Saturday afternoon through fedex. Opposite of other people’s feedback, my kettle came well packaged. The cardboard was multi layered and pretty thick, the top and bottom were protected by styrofoam, the smaller pieces came wrapped in bubble wrap.

    The kettle in itself feels pretty solid, the bottom is way thicker than my old 7.5 gal from NB. No dents, very minor scratches. Its incredibly heavy and seems solid. The welds are noticeable but smooth. My one quality issue was that there were some sharp metal shavings trapped between one of the handle rivets on the outside. Also some of the edges of the metal could be a little smoother. I have yet to put all the fittings on since I have yet to get ptfe tape.

    Did someone mention pictures?: http://imgur.com/a/1OLtQ

    The watermarks all came from my lazy first washing. Overall I am pretty damn happy with this purchase.

  3. Anonymous

    Ordered the 25 Gallon when it went on sale for $155 since the shipping is fulfilled by Amazon, and it arrived looking like someone had played forklift soccer with the box, I called up. Amazon told me that I could return it for a refund (it arrived with dents only) and I could order another to replace it as shipping damage is not covered, but since it arrived in working condition and the price had since gone back up 60% I accepted an partial refund. Great pot otherwise.

  4. Matthew Kosko

    I recently got the 15 gallon weldless kettle when it dropped tp $175. The pot arrived with minor dings and the thermometer was cracked. The seller took a while to respond, but a new thermometer is on the way. I’ll give the seller at most 3 stars out of 5 if everything goes fine.

  5. Brandon Boyd

    Very unhappy with this seller. After 2 months back and forth emailing seller,sent defective kettle back (fb hung on ball valve nut causing grain to get through). BHB said it was fine and sent back to me with no packing materials: pot dented, thermometer broke, and ball valve missing pieces. Seller said that’s how he received it. I shipped it fed ex with parts double wrapped from loading dock at work… amazon washed their hands.


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