10 Tahitian Grade Vanilla Beans

10 Tahitian Extract Grade B Vanilla Beans 4~6" *** VERY DRY ***

10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans by Vanilla Products USA.  4″ to 6″ in length.

You can add this right to your homebrew or soak them in alcohol to make an extract and add that to your homebrew.  I added a few vanilla beans to RiteBrew’s Oatmeal Stout – I split them, scraped the inside and put them inside a sanitized hop bag right in the keg – and it turned out great.  However you end up doing it, you probably want to add these later in the process rather than earlier.  Vigorous primary fermentation could drive off a lot of the flavor.  Add to the keg or to the fermenter after fermentation has settled down.

10 Tahitian Extract Grade B Vanilla Beans 4~6″ *** VERY DRY ***

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