Tune In Tomorrow: Ask The Guy Behind Bru Gear Anything

Bru Gear plans to produce tricked out stainless conical fermenters, kettles, RIMS systems and more up to 3 Barrels in size.  They are currently raising money for this via Kickstarter.  Check it out – Here

Phil Spivey, one of the guys behind Bru Gear, will be answering questions on Homebrew Finds throughout the day tomorrow.  Tune tomorrow at around 10 AM Central to take part.

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This Kickstarter has ended.  See up to date great deals below.

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Standard Kickstarter caveats apply.  You are investing in a prospective product that may be in the pre-release stages of development.  Risks are involved as your reward may not be fulfilled.

5 thoughts on “Tune In Tomorrow: Ask The Guy Behind Bru Gear Anything

  1. JJ

    Won’t be able to be here for the Q&A, but hopefully he can answer these questions:

    Once in full production, what does he expect the prices to be for the full Nano systems? (1-3bbl listed in the Kickstarter rewards).

    Will BruGear develop full-electric complete Nano systems?

    1. Chris Brewer

      This will be conducted on a post that I’ll put up tomorrow, but I’ll happily add these an any other questions that this post gets.


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