Converted, Rebuilt 5 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs – $74.99 Shipped


These are ball lock Cornelius kegs (converted from pin lock).  Includes new ball lock posts and poppet valves and ball lock lid (with relief valve).  Washed inside and out, pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.

Cornelius Keg With Gaskets Replaced KEG420G – $74.99 + Free Shipping

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2 thoughts on “Converted, Rebuilt 5 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs – $74.99 Shipped

  1. Allen Huerta

    Can one buy ball lock post and convert a keg themselves? Relatively easy? I’ve seen pin locks relatively cheap locally and considered picking them up and just buying all new lines and connections… but if it’s not too difficult…

    1. Chris Brewer

      Yes. It’s relatively expensive hardware and you need to make sure to get a compatible kit, but it certainly is possible.


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