Bru Gear – Kickstarter Pricing Available for a Limited Time

from Bru Gear:

Our Kickstarter was extremely successful!  Thanks to all who participated!

For a limited time we’re offering Kickstarter pricing and delivery on any combination of our kettles, fermenters and accessories without limit.  Put together your own bundle at a great price point.  Prices will go up soon.

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Standard Kickstarter caveats apply.  You are investing in a prospective product that may be in the pre-release stages of development.  Risks are involved as your reward may not be fulfilled.

4 thoughts on “Bru Gear – Kickstarter Pricing Available for a Limited Time

    1. Chris Brewer

      An exact quote from Phil Spivey “Right now it’s all June but trying to pull that into May.” Of course, it’s certainly possible that they will run into delays or other issues. I’m just relaying the information I’m getting.


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