Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman Yeast Special Order Available

I noticed that Rogue’s Pacman StrainWyeast 1764 just became available at Adventures in Homebrewing.

I looked around at several other shops and could not find this strain in stock.  The description says this is a special order.  I believe that if homebrew shops commit to x amount of yeast, they can order any strain they want.

1764 Rogue Pacman Yeast Special Order – $8.99

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4 thoughts on “Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman Yeast Special Order Available

  1. Anonymous

    It is actually available year-round through Brewcraft. Stores can purchase it separately, as Brewcraft provides it in their Rogue kits.

    Per wyeast “Your favorite homebrew shop may order Pacman year round through Brewcraft USA in Portland, Oregon.”

  2. Anonymous

    Shipping makes this a very expensive yeast. I didn’t get it when I bought the Rouge Stout extract kit last week. I’ll just use ale yeast.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Shipping cost depends on where you live. It’s $5.85 for me. There is a minimum shipping charge. Add a few more items on and see how that affects shipping. You may be able to get a few more things you need for the same or a similar shipping cost.


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