Rogue Brewery Store… 50% Off

Get 50% Off at Rogue Brewery’s Online Store when you use Coupon Code BRUTAL25.

As a point of reference, this promo brings Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout Kit (pictured) down to $26.50 + Shipping

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15 thoughts on “Rogue Brewery Store… 50% Off

  1. Ben K

    Didn’t work on Beer, Kits, Tap Handle, or Glasses that I had in my cart. Only worked on the bumper sticker I had added.

    1. Chris Brewer

      I just gave it a try and it took 50% off in the cart. It’s apparently not working for beers, but other than that, I think it’s still working.

    2. Chris Brewer

      Let me clarify… by beers I mean already made beers, not their beer kits. The promo does work in beer kits.

    3. Anonymous

      I just put the Shakespeare Stout Homebrew Kit & Hazelnut Brown Nectar Homebrew Kit into my cart and got the following message when I hit Go on the Coupon Code section: The coupon code you entered couldn’t be applied to any items in your order.

      bummer :-(

  2. Gravity

    Too bad shipping is absolutely horrendous. Had almost $300 is sale priced merchandise, and shipping was $170. Wasn’t much beer either, so I have no idea where they get their shipping costs.

  3. Anonymous

    Their shipping is terrible but I really wanted the kit so even with one bottle of double chocolate stout and one kit, shipping at $22, for the price of the actual kit I got a free bottle of beer, technically. Fuzzy math but what the heck, right? The kit was something I’ve passed on numerous times just because the price is silly. Their shipping is equally silly. The 50% off worked on the bottle of beer ($6 instead of $12) and their kit.

  4. Dave Buskirk

    ^ thanks. I won’t order from them until they wisen up. Shipping should be a pass-through cost not a profit generating vehicle.


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