New “Prime Dose” Carbonation Capsules from Northern Brewer

Just noticed new “Prime Dose” Carbonation Capsules on Northern Brewer’s Website.

Excerpt from the Product Page:
“The formula is a turning point in the search for a solution to priming sugar problems and fizz drop fiascos, expanding the guarantee of perfect bottled beer beyond force-carbonated methods. Packaged in a vegan, nutraceutical-grade capsule, Prime Dose is the culmination of a years worth of R&D effort.” (Read More)

11 thoughts on “New “Prime Dose” Carbonation Capsules from Northern Brewer

  1. Jack

    Product description says, “Prime Dose is effective in the treatment of many bottle-conditioning ailments ranging from inviable yeast, big beers with ABV too high for the original yeast to ferment any further, …” Do they contain yeast?

    1. Anonymous

      You mean like an alka seltzer, or airborne, tablet? Essentially captured co2. That is interesting. Can’t find much info about them yet.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ll pair this with the “snake oil porter” and have a good combo. What happened to NB? They just went all retarded and gimmicky in the past year.

  3. Anonymous

    With 2 capsules recommended per 12oz bottle, this $19.99 bottle would barely cover two 5 gallon batches of homebrew…..
    I’m cool not adding $10 per batch.

  4. Anonymous

    “The capsules contain sugar and yeast in them”

    Tim, can you give us a source for your statement? I can’t find that anywhere in NB’s description.

  5. P-Loh

    It would not be economical to prime a five-gal. batch with them, but it could be worthwhile for one- or two-gal. batches. Sometimes carbonation drops don’t fit in bottles. The capsule would at least eliminate that problem.


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