Hands On Review: 6 Gallon Buckets and Gamma Seal Lids from Emergency Essentials

I store most of my grain in 5 or 6 gallon buckets with Gamma Seal Lids.  A 5 gallon bucket can hold about 25 lbs.  Two buckets equals about a bag of grain.  For recipe kits, I’ll store the whole kit (minus yeast and hops) in it’s own bucket.

Here’s a look at 6 Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid

The box containing (4) 6 gallon buckets + (4) Gamma Seal Lids.  It’s huge.  This is a good illustration of why buckets are typically expensive to ship.


 Bottom of a bucket.

Gamma Seal Lids.  These have an outer ring that installs semi-permanently on the bucket.  The inner portion spins off for quick and easy access.  That also means no prying off hard to remove lids.  The whole thing is airtight.

A single bucket with Gamma Seal Lid installed.

 A look inside.

A look at the lid o-ring.  These offer an airtight seal.

I’ve gotten questions about how well these stack…  They stack very well.

This is the top bucket of a 4 high stack.

Four stacked come out to approximately 67 and 5/8ths inches.

The height of one is about 17″

 The lid is about 12″ in diameter.  There is a slight flange on the outside of the lid that isn’t accounted for in that measurement.

Gamma seal lids and buckets are a rugged, economical and versatile option for grain storage.

6 Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid – via Amazon

The Gamma Seal Lid, White

I purchased the buckets and Gamma Seal Lids featured here via Emergency Essentials’ Amazon Store, You can also purchase directly from Emergency Essentials – Full Storage Lineup – Buckets, Gamma Seal Lids, Lid Openers, Oxygen Absorbers & More

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the detailed review. I was just looking at those the other day. Obviously I would need to punch a hole in the lid but how do you feel it would work for responsibly short primary fermentation. I don’t want to get into the glass vs plastic debate just curious because of the price.


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