Four Stainless Kettles (96/70/49/35 Quart) for… $136.66 Shipped

Four stainless kettles – 24, 17.5, 12.25 and 8.75 gallons for..  $99.99.  Shipping is $36.67.  

Note: At this price I’ll venture a guess that these will not be the highest quality kettles in all of creation.  But hey… you’re getting a lot of capacity for the cost.

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New 4 sets JARHILL 96/70/49/35 QT Stainless Steel Stock Pots & Lid, Brew Kettle – $99.99 + $36.67

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One thought on “Four Stainless Kettles (96/70/49/35 Quart) for… $136.66 Shipped

  1. Kyle

    I bought the 24 and 17 gallon deal back in April or so last year.

    They’re very thin, so yes it’s easy to drill but also easy to accidentally make the hole too big and dent the pots.

    I’ve also had rust issues at the rivets and scratches. If you scrub the rust areas til they appear clear and then hit them with an acid, you can slow the spread or stop it altogether for small areas.

    For the price, they’re acceptable, but I wouldn’t buy them again. In fact, I’m already planning my next purchase for replacing them.


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