Reader Tip: Temp Controller for $14 Shipped

Thanks to HBF Reader Aaron for this tip!

This looks similar to the very popular STC-1000 temp controller, but I’m not sure it is. I think it’s the single stage version. 110 V, Reads in Fahrenheit.  Note that this ships directly from China.

EDIT: Aaron says that this is a dual stage temp controller. The specifications do say “Heating and cooling control.”

EDIT 2: See the first comment on this post.  That commenter says that this either heats or cools, making it a single stage controller.

Digital Temperature Controller 10A 110V Thermostat -58~194 Fahrenheit W/ Sensor – $13.01 + 99 cents shipping

4 thoughts on “Reader Tip: Temp Controller for $14 Shipped

  1. Adam

    I have purchased the one from ebay. It has the ability to heat OR cool, it will not do them both at the same time like the one on amazon.

    1. Adam

      As a follow-up for further confirmation, while in chinese, you can see printed on the top that only one pair of terminals has the “relay symbol” while the amazon one has 2.

  2. Anonymous

    It seems that if you want to operate both a heating and cooling device, you have to buy the Celsius model. The Fahrenheit model has only one relay and can only heat OR cool depending on how you set it. Be careful to get the 110v model as there are 220v models out there.

  3. Anonymous

    Note also that the unit can only handle 5 amps or 500 watts maximum. It is enough to operate a small chest freezer unit. Unit also in the dual has a on delay on the cool side to protect a freezer compressor.

    I rigged one on a chest freezer with a 25 watt lamp inside the freezer for heating. now I have a fermentation box that will regulate its temp no matter what happens.

    Remember to put a 5 amp fuse on the incoming side.


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