Heating Mat, for maintaining fermentation temps

This mat was featured in our November post on maintaining fermentation temperatures in colder weather.

I use a reptile heating mat in my fermentation deep freeze when I need to warm the space up a bit.  Think of these as heating pads that are designed to operate constantly.

The mat I’m using is 9 Watts.  It has no trouble raising my fermentation deep freeze (located in my basement) by several degrees.  I use this throughout the year whenever I want to push fermentation temperatures higher.  I do not set my fermenter on my mat.  I use it only to warm up the ambient air inside my fermentation deep freeze.

Zoo Med manufactures three sizes of these mats.  The small is 8 watts, the medium is 16 watts and the large is 24 watts.  Here is the specifications page from the manufacturers website.

6 thoughts on “Heating Mat, for maintaining fermentation temps

    1. Anonymous

      They are designed to operate constantly providing heat to a reptile. For our use it would probably be best to use a temp controller.


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