Beer & Wine Hobby: One lb of Citra Pellets for $29.99 Shipped

from Beer & Wine Hobby:

Citra is a hybrid of Hallertau Mittlfruh, US Tettnanger, East Kent Golding, Bavarian, Brewers Gold and other hops. Slightly floral, high in acid with tropical fruit (pineapple, mango and papaya) and citrusy (grapefruit and lime) aroma, Citra may be used as a bittering or aroma hop. Average Alpha: 10-12%. Use in IPA’s, American Pale Ales and Amber.

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2 thoughts on “Beer & Wine Hobby: One lb of Citra Pellets for $29.99 Shipped

  1. Gennaro Cataldo

    Hi, this is Gennaro from Beer & Wine Hobby and I’m really surprised you had a bad experience with our products and never reported the issue to us! We have been in business for over 42 years and always guarantee customer satisfaction, even to an anonymous commenter such as the poster above. That being said, this Homebrewfinds deal offers 1 pound of Hopunion’s Citra Pellet Hops, sealed in the original, unopened packs that are cold-stored at our facility. The deal includes shipping at the incredible price of just $29.99. Happy brewing everyone!

  2. Anonymous

    The last citra that I got from beer and wine hobby was terrible quality. I strongly advise anyone considering this deal to think about it.


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