Beer Glasses – ThinkGeek, Free Shipping No Minimum, Ends Tonight

Through 11:59 Pacific Tonight, ThinkGeek is offering free shipping on any order, no minimum.

Why should you care?

They have some pretty sweet beer glassware.

Check it out – Here

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3 thoughts on “Beer Glasses – ThinkGeek, Free Shipping No Minimum, Ends Tonight

  1. Anonymous

    5:34, do they hold liquids in a superior fashion to other glasses? Do they add pleasant aromas of the serengetti, panther in heat smells, or add hop aroma to the beer? Or are they just plain ol overpriced glass with silly screen printing that appeals to people addicted to slashdot in 1998?

  2. Anonymous

    You shouldn’t be putting your beer glasses in the dishwasher in the first place man. I can vouch for their glasses. They are worth getting!

  3. R

    All the comments on Think Geek about the “Be Er” glasses suggest that the printing is not durable and defiantly won’t survive the dishwasher. That’s a deal-breaker for me.


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