2.5 Gallon Stackable Ball Lock Kegs – $69.99

These stackable 2.5 gallon kegs briefly went up to $119.  They are back down to $69.99.

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg New – $119 $69.99

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4 thoughts on “2.5 Gallon Stackable Ball Lock Kegs – $69.99

  1. graymoment

    I ordered two of these. The build quality was substandard and the weld seems were raised and non-sanitary. I emailed Adventures in Homebrewing immediately to return them, and did not hear back. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to get a response, I’m still stuck with them.

  2. Steven Richardson

    Try putting a magnet on the lids.. If they are like the two that I have , they stick like glue.. I know low grade Stainless has some slight magnetic qualities , but these lids stick like they are chrome plated steel.. I just discovered this while I was looking at one of the lids and discovered some discoloration and staining inside. I haven’t had a chance to inspect the kegs. I’m hoping they are not the same..


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