100 Quart Stainless Kettle + Feedback

Thanks to HBF Reader Brian for this tip!

from BrianI was gifted 2 of these beasts almost a year ago, drilled em, weldless bulkheads, and have been using them as a boil kettle and mashtun.  I have done around 10-12 batches, various sizes from 10 gallon to 20 gallons, and they have help up awesome.  I wrap my mashtun in some towels for insulation when mashing and it keeps great temp.  They are a little wide so we have to watch our total boiloff.  But hotdamn dude. These things are massive and inexpensive.

Concord 100 Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot Cookware 

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One thought on “100 Quart Stainless Kettle + Feedback

  1. Colin

    I bought 3 of these in the 80qt/20gal size and they work well. One arrived late and severely damaged but the seller shipped another out to me quickly. I’m only using one currently as a boil kettle but it’s working well. When I have time to drill them, the other two will replace my smaller HLT and MLT. Brian’s point about boil off is true because of their size, but as long as you compensate for that it’s not a problem.


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