Hands On: Deep Woods Products Stainless Steel Beer Bottles

When I first saw Northern Brewer’s branded version of these bottles, I was very surprised that such a thing even existed.  

Here’s a quick look at these stainless bottles from Deep Woods Products.

I bottled a 6 pack of More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale in these bottles. Here’s a close up of a capped bottle.  These were easy to cap and felt solid during the process.
 Here’s the bottled six pack in the included six pack carrier.

 Close up of the top of the bottle after opening.  I felt like the crown cap would cause scratches or other marks to show up on the bottle, as you can see, it did not.

A look inside of a mostly emptied bottle.

Description from Deep Woods Products:
We wanted to provide a bottle that will virtually last a life time! This bottle is for the craft brewer who wants to reuse the bottles for the rest of their brewing hobby. Wait and see what your friend do when you hand them your very own craft brew in a 100% stainless steel bottle! With this food-grade stainless steel the bottles do not require any type of sprayed on or baked on epoxy liner like the aluminum bottles, so you will never have to worry about checking to see if the liner is still there. This bottle has all of the benefits of its cousin aluminum bottle with the durability to last a life time. This is the cadillac of all bottles…this will make all your brewing buddies envious!!!!!! Dimensions: 8″ x 2 3/8″

  • These bottles are beautiful and well built.
  • No sunlight gets to your beer.
  • These are not breakable or if they are, I’d like to see the thing that breaks them.  That means they work at the beach and at the pool.

  • Price.  At $34.25 per six pack vs possibly free for re-used long necks, there is a price difference.  For most people, we are not going to bottle all of our beers in these.  Having said that, for many the price may be worth it for a supply of these for the safety factor and for special beers.
  • Cleaning.  Since you can’t see in the bottle, cleaning may be a bit more difficult.  I don’t think this is a big issue and it’s why I took the picture showing the inside.  I just rinsed these out right after using and soaked them in hot PBW.

Check them out at Deep Woods Products

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