Vittles Vault II – Airtight Grain Storage


Vittles Vault Home 40.  Airtight seal.  Clear base.  Easy access opening.  Lid spins on and off.  Made of FDA approved food grade plastic.  BPA free.

These are designed to hold pet food, but they work great for grain storage.  The 40 lb rating is for pet food.  This should hold around 50 lbs of grain – depending on the grain.  Clear sides to easily see how much grain you have left, made from FDA approved plastic and airtight.

Vittles Vault Home 40

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3 thoughts on “Vittles Vault II – Airtight Grain Storage

  1. Anonymous

    They’re too tall and top heavy to stack well Bret. I’ve got 4 and love them, but I have space to let them all hang out in my garage on the floor no problem.

  2. Aaron Ouellette -

    I’ve been using these for 6 months, they fit some whole bags of grain, other grains, like local two row, are just a bit too much for a single bin.


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