5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs – $35 + Shipping


Used 5 gallon pin lock kegs via eBay seller mceverdistributors.  May have minor scratches and dents.  All tanks will have working parts and will hold pressure.

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A note on shipping: Per the description.  If you receive a very high shipping rate from eBay, contact the seller for a quote.

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $35.  Shipping is also free to select addresses.  Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.  If this offering has sold out or changed, check out the seller’s other items

5 Gallon Gal 5Gal Pinlock Pin Lock Coke Homebrew Home Brew Keg Tank Beer Draft

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3 thoughts on “5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs – $35 + Shipping

  1. Anonymous

    I was coming back here to say that I ordered one. The shipping to Texas was $43. After I emailed him he brought it down to $20. I figured that was reasonable. Total is now $60. I would always like to find it cheaper if possible. Maybe even buy it local but that is the best price I have seen. I wanted to know if anyone else has found it cheaper. Thanks Justin for your comment. I feel a little better about the purchase.

    1. Chris Brewer

      For what it’s worth… I’ve heard a bunch of good things about this particular seller. I think they are reliable and deliver a good product.

  2. Justin Kornhaus

    I’ve gotten kegs from them before. They are great kegs and arrived fast. About the cheapest I’ve been able to find, but they used to be 35 a piece.


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