Nikobrew: Limited Supply of Amarillo Hops

From Nikobrew:

Attention Fellow Homebrewers
Right now we have a limited supply of Amarillo from the 2012 crop in full pounds. The price is normally $5.50 per 2oz pack and right now is $35 per pound. As soon as we run out our site will show them as unavailable.

Standard Nikobrew $5 Flat Rate Shipping applies to all domestic orders of hops. This includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and APO/FPO addresses. International shipping is $25 (or $21 for Canada) for 4 full pounds or 3 1/2 pounds of mixed increments. PayPal is required for international retail orders.

Wholesale Inquiries:

If you are the purchaser for a homebrew supply store or professional brewery please visit Due to our extremely limited supply Amarillo is not available on our wholesale site although many other varieties are.


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10 thoughts on “Nikobrew: Limited Supply of Amarillo Hops

  1. Jacob Dennis

    Give Chris a break people, if you don’t like the deal then ignore it. As with any deal website sometimes you find a gem, sometimes you don’t. I for one am thankful that I don’t have to scour every website out there to see when a great deal or new product pops up.

    Keep up the good work Chris!

    1. Chris Brewer

      Thanks for the nice words Jacob! And… the reasonable outlook. Those are the facts. I am intensely interested in some of the content that goes on here. I am less that thrilled by other content, but it still goes up because I think others will be interested in it. For example, I have no interest in DampRid personally… I use an Eva Dry. But… I put DampRid stuff up because people like it. Live and let live and move on. Thanks Jacob!

  2. Anonymous

    And by the way, a buried one word “sponsored” tag at the bottom of a 250 word post isn’t Clearly Marked. It’s about as clearly marked as the fine print on a loan application.

  3. Anonymous

    I have been seeing 2012 amarillo from $20-25 a pound, and soon a bunch of 2013 crop will be hitting stores. I’m all about a guy making a buck, but don’t insult us with “deals.” Tell nikobrew they’re making you, homebrewfinds, loose face and credibility with non “deal” deals.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Not everything that comes up on Homebrew Finds is a deal. This review of a stainless growler…. … is a review of a stainless growler. This $55 + shipping ceramic growler (which I purchased myself at a cost of $80 with shipping)… … is not a deal. Not everything is going to be a deal. It’s just not. As far as this post… it’s sponsored. It is prefaced with “from Nikobrew” and is also tagged as sponsored.

    2. Niko

      Our price on these is set as it is for several reasons. The first is due to our incredibly high cost on them. Simply put, we paid a very high price to acquire them. As anybody offering them at $20-25/lb, whether they still have them in stock or not, cannot speak to my cost I cannot speak to theirs. Our most recent promotion on Homebrewfinds was for a store wide sale and hops starting at $8/lb (which is still running). We have many varieties that cost much less than Amarillo as they cost us much less to acquire. Second is the amount we have available. We have quite a few pounds made up and have promoted them as in the past we have sold out almost immediately after offering them at which time some folks were frustrated when they missed out. Though when these are gone we plan on switching back to 2oz packs until we get more in as we do have a very limited supply. As for their age, as of right now Amarillo pellets from the 2012 crop are the newest that are available. The 2013 crop harvest recently took place, and if last year is any indication of this year’s timeframe, it will be 1-3 months until it is pelletized and available for sale. Ours have been stored properly, at -5F in nitrogen flushed mylar, which is how most of our hops are stored (some are at 26F) until we break them down into retail sized packaging so they are still very fresh. You are definitely not required to purchase, I just wanted to clarify a couple of things in case you or anybody else was wondering. Thanks for viewing Homebrewfinds we greatly appreciate it.



  4. Anonymous

    I’m curious as to why Nikobrew continues to get posted when they are beyond over priced and really not a deal. It is disturbing to think that a homebrewer would have to pay $40 (including shipping) for a single lb of a year old crop. Mind blown….

    1. Chris Brewer

      Nikobrew is a generous sponsor of Homebrew Finds. This is clearly marked as a sponsored post. Nikobrew is also a trusted reseller for many people. If I am a Nikobrew customer (which I am) and I want to buy from Nikobrew, this is a savings of $9. A sale or deal is relative to a persons expectations. Some people only buy from certain shops. But… the short answer is that this is a sponsored post from a generous sponsor.


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