A Look At: 12″ and 24″ Digital Thermometers from ThermoWorks

A look at 24″ and 12″ ThermoWorks Long Stem Digital Thermometers.

Quite a large box for two thermometers

Front of the 12″ Thermometer RT610B-12 Box

Front of the 24″ Thermometer RT610B-24 Box.  Other than length, the 12″ and 24″ models have the same specifications.

Side by side.  The 24″ Thermometer ends up being… massive.

Top down

Close up top view.  These thermometers have a quality feel.

Thermapen temp probe (bottom) next to the 24″ temp probe (top).

The probe on the 24″ is about… 24″ long, maybe a little longer.

The probe on the 12″ is about… 12″ long, maybe a little longer.


The 24″ side by side with my amazing ThermapenHands on Review

The 24″ model in my Igloo 10 gallon Cooler based mash tun.

 So… you can pretty easily see that the 24″ is long enough to be used in my mash tun.

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6 thoughts on “A Look At: 12″ and 24″ Digital Thermometers from ThermoWorks

  1. Anonymous

    Wonder how feasible it would be to drill a hole in the top of the cooler lid and insert the thermometer through to monitor mash temps while it’s all closed up. And, if the 12″ would be long enough to make it to the middle (or so) of the grain bed. The 24″ seems too long for that.

  2. thadius856


    I need a couple new 12″ thermos for my sparge water kettles.

    Did the 12″ unit come with a clip to allow it to attach to the rim of a pot?


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