Beer & Wine Hobby: Free Adhesive Thermometer with $50 Purchase

from Beer & Wine Hobby:

Today get a Free Adhesive Strip Thermometer when you spend $50 or more*

This thermometer is a liquid crystal display thermometer designed to monitor the temperature of the fermentation process with convenience and precision without the sanitation concerns of immersion thermometers.
-It has a temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with temperature indicators every 2 degrees. Interpolation allows for one degree temperature determinations.
-It sports suggested ranges for the fermentation of both ales and lagers.  These are broad guidelines only but can be helpful as a quick reference.
-Made of Mylar to be water resistant.
-Easy to read two color graphics
*Excludes Gift Cards

One thought on “Beer & Wine Hobby: Free Adhesive Thermometer with $50 Purchase

  1. Anonymous

    Wooooo an entire 99 cent strip thermometer and we only need to spend $50?! SOLD! … wait… what I was going to buy is excluded…… out of luck again…


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