3 thoughts on “Brewery Organization: 3,200 lb Capacity Shelving Unit

    1. Carson

      Very true, but if you’re like me and don’t own a truck, free shipping and no sales tax from Amazon is a great option. I ordered a 72″ model a couple months back and all I had to do was carry it in from the front porch. Definitely the way to go for small car drivers.

    2. Anonymous

      Absolutely true about pickup/delivery. I can order one at the same price and when gas to pick it up 2 gallons give or take, and taxes……..the Amazon deal works out way better for me.
      How good?
      I just ordered another one.
      I am thinking about putting in cold basement for storage of beer in PET bottles that I use, already dark and cold but maybe with a drop down covering/sheet to keep out what little light gets in completely out.
      For $35 to my door……..makes sense to me.


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