New From More Beer: 1000w Electric Heat Stick

heat stick

1000 Watt Electric Heat Stick.  Heat mash and sparge water, help get to a boil more quickly and help maintain a boil with the aid of this pre-wired heat stick.  Check out the Full Description.

Electric Heater – 1000w BE440 – $64.99 + Free Shipping

This already ships for free as part of MoreBeer’s Free Shipping Promo.  Grab your next recipe kit – See: BrewMaster Series [See: Brewing Pliny], some gear, something that’s on sale or clearance to maximize free shipping.

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4 thoughts on “New From More Beer: 1000w Electric Heat Stick

  1. Christopher Frank

    From what i’ve read, these don’t use 100% food safe solder. Also they just help warm water, once it gets to a boil they turn off…

    1. Chris Brewer

      Where did you hear those things? And about which one? I’ve used the second one and it doesn’t shut off. It put out constant heat.


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