Brewery Organization: Brother Desktop Labeler

Label keg lines, kegs, manifolds, storage bins and more.  


I’m fond of Brother labeling machines (like the PT2030VP) that have the ability to use their TZe style tape.  The line includes a “Extra Strength Adhesive” version that works well in moist environments (like kegerators).  
Lots of TZe Tape styles are available.  I generally use the 1/2″ Black Print on White Tape versions.  Standard Version (TZ-e231) and Extra Strength Adhesive (TZe-s231)

2 thoughts on “Brewery Organization: Brother Desktop Labeler

  1. Anonymous

    These labelers are practically free… The TAPE is the expensive part. $14/roll. Costco sells the labeler + two rolls of tape for mid-$20s. You basically get the labeler for free. It’s a lower end model, but it does everything you’ll need. Handles different width tape, has two fonts and multiple print sizes to choose from, etc.

    Also let me point out that your Captcha is painful to read!

    1. Chris Brewer

      This isn’t one of the free label makers. It is a high quality desktop model that typically sells for much more than $20.


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