5 Gallon Low Profile Used Ball Lock Kegs – $50

Adventures in Homebrewing has just marked these low profile ball lock kegs down to $50.  I’m guessing the low profile means that these are converted pin lock kegs.  EDIT: See comment and linked picture below with regards to whether or not these are converted pin lock kegs.

These have ball lock posts and a lid that has a pressure relief valve.  Pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.

5 Gallon Low Profile Keg Used Short 22″ – $50

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2 thoughts on “5 Gallon Low Profile Used Ball Lock Kegs – $50

  1. ike

    Can Maverick or anyone else give me the total height required for these with a standard barbed disconnect and hose attached? Thanks!

  2. Maverick

    I don’t think they’re converted pin locks, but they might be. I ordered them a while back and they’re Japanese kegs, none of the etched writing on the side is English. Here’s a picture for size comparison of mine. http://i.imgur.com/P0ws4LE.jpg They work good for me, the only consideration is they are wider so they take more room in the keezer, though not an issue for me, could be for people with tight constraints to fit a certain number of kegs.


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