1/2″ NPT Stainless, Full Port Ball Valve $6.99 + Shipping

This full port 1/2″ NPT, stainless steel ball valve is down to $6.99.  That’s a 68% discount.  Shipping for the first one is $4.79.  Each additional ball vale ships for 40 cents more.

EDIT: The price on these has increased to $8.99, but… shipping has decreased to $2.89.  that means they’re selling for just 10 cents more if you’re buying just one.  Each additional valve is still shipping for 40 cents more.

1/2″ NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full Port WOG1000 SS304 - $6.99 + Shipping

PinnedBrew Day Box *Wine Kits *Grain Mill *2.5 Gal Kegs *Thermapen *pH Meter:$29

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3 thoughts on “1/2″ NPT Stainless, Full Port Ball Valve $6.99 + Shipping

  1. Anonymous

    I’m actually in need of (7) more ball valves for my Brutus build. Recently received (3) from the same seller, so I thought I’d jump on saving a couple bucks. It looks like the price is still at $8.99, plus shipping. Would’ve been nice to save a couple bucks on each. Maybe I found this too late, I dunno. Either way, I need them. Quick shipping on the last ones, and a fair price. Trigger pulled anyway.

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