Weigh Masters ProChef Digital Kitchen Scale, 11 lb Capacity

1 gram accuracy, 11 lb capacity and the tare feature.  Good for weighing hops and specialty grains.  With a 11 lb capacity you could use this to weigh your full grain bill for all grain batches.


  • WeighMasters Precision+ Sensor Technology | Large Easy To Read Digital LCD Display
  • Accurate to +/- gram | Tare Feature: Subtracts Weight Of Bowl, Container, or Plate
  • Oversized Weighing Platform For Bowls & Large Ingredients | Slim Compact Design For Quick Cleanup & Storage
  • Maximum Weight 11 lbs / 5 kg | 4 Measurement Units: g / oz / kg / lbs | Automatic Shutoff (3 Mins)
  • 2 AAA Batteries Included | 10 Year Warranty

Weigh Masters ProChef Kitchen Scale (Black)

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2 thoughts on “Weigh Masters ProChef Digital Kitchen Scale, 11 lb Capacity

  1. Anonymous

    Bought the silver version of this a few weeks ago and tested it with known weights from 5 grams to 5 pounds and it was dead on. The taring feature is great too. Good scale for cheap!

  2. Luke Hagenbach

    This is a good deal. I think this scale is labeled under more than one brand. Here is a picture of my scale (Ozeri) which I purchased on Amazon 2 years ago, and works flawlessly. I use is for hops and DME for yeast starters (as well as around the kitchen). The shape, buttons, display, etc., all look the same. http://i.imgur.com/o9V4WSd.jpg


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