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Monday, July 22, 2013

Video: Uses for BrewBit Model-T's Dual Temperature Probes

A new video about some of the uses of BrewBit Model-T's dual temperature probes from the makers of BrewBit...

The BrewBit Model-T is a pre-wired, dual stage+ temperature controller that has two built in thermostats and up to two temperature probes.  The two controllers can operate together - control a heating and a cooling source to dial in fermentation temperature or operate separately - control the temperature in two completely separate devices.  That means you could control your kegerator and fermentation chamber using a single BrewBit model T controller.

The BrewBit model T also features Wi-Fi access, a touch screen interface, programmable temperature profiles and open source control software.

BrewBit is a Kickstarter project.  

For more details or to support BrewBit through Kickstarter, visit BrewBit's Kickstarter Page.

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