Reader Tip: Stainless Steel, Commercial Work Table

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Stainless Commercial Work Surface With Undershelf 35(H)x 60(W)x 24(D)”. Stainless Steel

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One thought on “Reader Tip: Stainless Steel, Commercial Work Table

  1. Brett

    I just received mine yesterday. It is very solid and is perfect size table surface for my needs (eBrew setup with 3 keggles). It has two channels under the top layer between leg posts that are reinforced to support weight.

    One thing of note, it is tall. I’m 6’3″ and it is still tall with the keggles on it. I can see into the kegs but I might have to use a foot stool for convenience purposes when doughing in and stiring in the boil kettle.

    I will have to see how it goes on brew day after I get the electric brewery up and running but I foresee me shortening the legs so I can put castors on.


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