Reader Tip: In Store – Wal-Mart: Stainless Portion Cups – 25 cents each

Thanks to HBF Reader Richard for this tip!

Richard says that these are available at his local Wal-Mart for 4 for $1.  That figures to 25 cents each.  Check with your local store for actual availability and pricing.

These are very similar to the Crate and Barrel Portion Cups that I use in my Brew Day Box.  I use those to portion out hop additions and other boil additions.  You can also use these type of cups for pH and gravity sample containers.  They are a great size and don’t take a lot of room since they nest together.  The ones I have cost about $1.50 each  plus shipping.

EDIT: Commenter Nick gave us a link to the product page for this.  That will allow you to check local availability and possibly price.  Thanks Nick!

Also Consider: NEW, Dozen 2½ Oz. (Ounce) All-Purpose Ramekin Individual Sauce Cups, Condiment Sauce Cups, Sauce Ramekins, Dipping Sauce Cups, Stainless Steel, Commercial/Restaurant Grade Quality - $6.05 + Free Shipping with $25 order

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