Reader Tip: Home Depot – 3 Packs of College Buckets – $12 Shipped

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Home Depot’s “Buy of the Day” is a set of (3) 5 gallon college team buckets, your choice of team for $12 shipped.

This is a pretty good deal considering that it includes shipping.  5 gallon buckets usually fall under dimensional shipping guidelines which make them pricey to ship.

Check it out Here

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4 thoughts on “Reader Tip: Home Depot – 3 Packs of College Buckets – $12 Shipped

  1. Anonymous

    If its the same as the homer buckets they are plastic #1 which is food grade..I wouldn’t ferment in them but cool to store grains

  2. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t put anything you plan on putting inside your body in these. They are not food grade buckets.

  3. Ben Wolk-Weiss

    #1 plastic DOES NOT mean food SAFE. If you do store grains in them, I would put your grains in a bag first and also wash out the buckets thoroughly with PBW. The chemicals and lubricants used to make the buckets don’t have to be food safe unless the label specifically says so. I would definitely not ferment in them. For a buck or two more than the orange bucket, Home Depot sells white buckets which do say Food Safe on the side. Also you can just visit your local grocery store or bakery and ask them for empty food safe buckets that they will probably give you for free.

  4. Scott Moody

    Oh, this is a horrible deal! It’s absolutely worthless! No University of Tennessee? Absolute deal breaker!


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