2.5 Gallon Stackable Ball Lock Kegs – $69.99 – Back in Stock and On Sale

These 2.5 gallon, stackable kegs have been on pre-order since mid June.  They have just come back in stock and are available to ship.  As of this posting, they are still being offered for what was the pre-order sale price of $69.99.  This is the lowest price, that I can recall, on these kegs.

I own two of these kegs and like them very much.  Read my hands on review here

New, 2.5 Gallon Stainless Ball Lock Keg.  304 Stainless, Height 13.5″, Diameter 9″.

These kegs are stackable with fittings on!  This is a great deal for a NEW 2.5 gallon ball lock!  

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg New – $119 $69.99

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3 thoughts on “2.5 Gallon Stackable Ball Lock Kegs – $69.99 – Back in Stock and On Sale

    1. Anonymous

      from discussion threads i’ve seen elsewhere, AIH ordered the ones that were stackable with the fittings on, but these were the ones that were sent instead. these have shorter handles, which is why there are only charging $69.99 instead of the original $79.99 they used to sell them for.
      not their goof, and they’re trying to do right by everyone who ordered. that’s aces in my book.


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