Reader Tip: Polar Ware Stainless Kettles

Thanks to HBF Reader Jerry for this tip!

via Katom Restaurant Supply

from Jerry:
I just received my new brew pot that I ordered from Katom Restaurant Supply. Solid, well made pot with 2 welds.

I got the 15 gallon (60 qt) Polar Ware complete with ball valve and lid for $214.47, They also have the 10 gallon (40qt) for only $174.87.

I haven’t seen these for such a low price anywhere. The pot lid even hangs on the side of the pot like my old Weber grill!


40 qt Stock Pot and Cover, 1/2 in Thread, Stainless Steel – $174.87

60 qt Stock Pot with Faucet and Cover, 1/2 in Thread, Stainless Steel – $214.47

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