Oak and Dry Hop Infusion Tube for Carboys – $28.95

oak and dry hop infusion tube

Oak and Dry Hop Infusion Tube for Carboys

About, from MoreBeer: “Oak Infusion Tubes for Carboys are an easy way to add oak, dry hops, or an other adjunct flavor to your beer.

This stainless steel, perforated tube will hold 2 ounces of oak chips or cubes, or 3 ounces of pellet hops. It is lowered into the carboy by a small plastic line at the top of the infusion tube. This keeps the tube suspended in the beer while still allowing the carboy stopper to seal tightly. When it’s time to remove it, grab ahold of the line, remove the stopper, and pull the Infusion Tube out!

Made from stainless steel with silicone stoppers at both ends. 16″ long. Fits carboys 5 gallons and up.”

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Oak and Dry Hop Infusion Tube for Carboys OAK597 – $36.99 $28.95 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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