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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ends Soon: Beer and Wine Hobby: Safale US-05 - $2.49 Shipped! No Limit

This ends at 11:59 PM Eastern Tonight..

from Beer and Wine Hobby:

The most famous ale yeast strain found across American, now available as a ready-to-pitch yeast. Produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate. Sedimentation is low to medium, and final gravity is medium. Classic American Ale Yeast. Crisp and Neutral with the balance firmly on the hops. Good attenuation, medium flocculation. Similar (if not identical) to Wyeast 1056 and White Labs California Ale Yeast. 11.5 g.

For a limited time we're offering this to Homebrew Finds Readers for $2.49 Shipped.  No coupon code is required.  To get free shipping choose Homebrew Finds Free Shipping at checkout. 

Check it out Here


  1. There is no such option when I go to check-out.

    -Super Saver Shipping - Up to 25lbs: $7.99
    -UPS Ground Rate (1 package): $14.06
    -UPS 3 Day Select Rate (1 package): $19.50
    -UPS 2nd Day Air Rate (1 package): $24.18
    -UPS Next Day Air Rate (1 package): $60.64
    -Pickup at Woburn, MA Warehouse Store: $0.00

  2. i didn't see that option either, bummer

  3. I also don't receive the option for free shipping. Only the same options that Andy posted above.

  4. I just called, and the store, and the lady was very friendly. She said the offer actually expired last week, but they were going to extend it for Homebrewfinds users. The IT department is working on a resolution and should be fixed soon. If not, you can call and place your order directly with them and they will honor the free shipping.

  5. Thank you to those customers that called and brought this to our attention. There was a technical error that removed the Homebrew Finds Free Shipping option from our check out page. The problem has been resolved, and we are ready to accept your orders!

    Thank you,
    Beer & Wine Hobby

  6. Free shipping now working! Thank you!

  7. How long does US-05 store for? I'm thinking about stocking up since this is a good deal.

  8. The best by date on the yeast packages is November 2014. Store them in the refrigerator for best results.

  9. If you put them in the freezer and are rehydrate it properly you can get a year or two out of them. I bought 5 last week. Got them on monday. Good people to deal with!


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