Bayou Classic SP1 Jet Burner

Bayou SP1 Propane LP Burner

SP1 Jet Burner by Bayou Classic.  Single burner propane stove with round 14″ cooking surface.  Heavy duty 12″ high welded steel frame.  185,000 BTU.

Use to…. Brew your beer!  Heat up strike. sparge and mash out water for all grain.  Boil full volume all grain and extract batches.

Bayou Classic SP1 Jet Cooker

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3 thoughts on “Bayou Classic SP1 Jet Burner

  1. andrewsaltz

    I love this. Quick tip: Let it run for about 20 minutes before your first batch. The paint burns off an emits an awful smell.

  2. Anonymous

    Quick review: great low cost model. Gets 5 gallons to boil in about 10+ minutes. People complain it eats propane. At full blast it probably does but you can tune it down for the long boil and a single tank has lasted me quite a few batches. It is loud at full blast but so are most others and the prolonged boil volume is fairly quiet. It looks ugly after a few batches but still happy with it at this price


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