(2) 17.5 Gallon Stainless Kettle for $46.99 + Shipping!

This has the makings of an amazing deal.  Two 17.5 gallon stainless kettles and lid for $46.99.  Shipping is an additional fee based on your location.  It was reasonable $26 for me.

EDIT:  You actually get a 17.5 gallon and a 24 gallon kettle.  This has been upgraded to an amazing deal.

Details Here

New 2 Sets JARHILL 96/70 QT Stainless Steel Stock Pots w/ Lids 0.95mm thickness – $46.99 + Shipping

9 thoughts on “(2) 17.5 Gallon Stainless Kettle for $46.99 + Shipping!

  1. ghett0yeti

    I just got mine. MASSIVE. The lids are ‘eh’ but they’re not as thin as I expected. All in all I’m pleased.

  2. Anonymous

    Curious to hear reviews…that seam in the picture scared me off and my welder buddy said that stainless will be a pain to weld any fittings because its very thin and his opinion….but hopefully someone will post a review soon so we know for sure

  3. Anonymous

    I couldn’t resist and ordered a set. Made in china, so I hope these are truly ‘food safe’. As far as thickness goes, they’ll be a bit on the thin side, but roughly the same as a 15 gal Bayou Classic pot I have that handles a weldless spigot, thermometer and sight glass without any problems. These are also 410 steel, so they won’t last forever. But what a deal.

  4. Anonymous

    Woot, happy people were able to get in on this deal. Posted it on homebrewtalk when I bought one (and only 4 were sold) and a day later, 28 are sold!! I hope they are good quality, though they do seem like they are going to be a little thin.

  5. Anonymous

    How are these for thickness compared to keggles? I might have a line on 3 kegs but don’t want to miss out on this deal if its something I should jump on incase I can’t get the kegs. This seems almost like a no brainer to grab if you are looking to do 10 gal batches though. I already have a 13 gal aluminum thick kettle so these might be the way to go regardless… Any help is much appreciated


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