Hands On Review: Emsa Perfect Beaker

I’ve used the Emsa Perfect Beaker for homebrewing for several years.  Here are some pictures, details and impressions.

ML/cubic centimeter scale.  Measures 30 ML/CCM to 500 ML/CCM.

Pint Scale.  Measures 1/2 Pint to 1 Pint.

Tablespoon Scale.  Measures 2 Tablespoons to 32 Tablespoons.

Teaspoon Scale.  Measures 6 Teaspoons to 100 Teaspoons.

Cups Scale.  Measures 1/8 Cup to 2 Cups.

Ounce Scale.  Measures 1 Ounce to 16 Ounces.

The Emsa Perfect Beaker includes a snug fitting lid

I’ve found that lid to be watertight.  As this picture shows.

Stock Photo

Features: Works with liquid or dry ingredients.  Tight fitting lid. Narrow base ensures accurate measurements even in small quantities.  Six different measuring scales.  Top Rack Dishwasher safe.  Made in Germany.

img_purchdateI’ve used this same beaker around my home brewery since March of 2009.  It’s a handy, well made and versatile measuring cup.

Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal – available with or without lid/seal

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