Hands On: 54 Bottle Capacity Drip Day for Bottling

How about a commercial quality drip tray that has a 54 bottle capacity for bottling day?  For catching those in-between bottle drips and keeping your bottling area clean when it comes to time to bottle.

The tray in question is actually a full size sheet pan (18″ x 26″).  As you can see it easily hold 54 bottles.  Those are Anchor Steam bottles which are a little wider than standard long necks, so you may be able to get even more long necks style bottles on this sheet.  The 54 bottle capacity should be more than enough for a five gallon batch.  If you leave 1/2 gallon of trub behind, you would use right at 48 (12) ounce bottles.

I use this same tray when dry rubbing and transporting racks of ribs when I BBQ on my Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker < which I love dearly.

Worth Noting: This will not fit in my standard size oven.  It’s just too big.  That’s actually a plus for me.  That means random things won’t be cooked and baked on to this thing.

Thunder Group Aluminum Sheet Pans 

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